Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh Thine Heart, Why Does thy Doth Burn?

I don't even know whats going on anymore, everytime I start to have an extreme sense of an emotion I just drug myself down (the people of my Spanish II class see me the most like this.).  Today was ok, Geometry went fine, then Gym passed by, in PC Support I the server/power was down so we sat around, and at some point we just all took our cells and played ringtones for ten minutes, after lunch we watched White Fang.  Right before Spanish started I saw her again, which for some reason whenever I see her, some extreme of an emotion is stirred, so I just took my little baggie out and took a sleeping pill.  Of course I tell myself "Justin, lack of sleep plus a sleeping pills equals overkill," I don't listen, and I end up passing out every ten minutes in my class until I get used to it and just stay awake with the pills in effect.  I came home, lied around, ended up getting really angry so I took two more pills, which is just stupid because nowadays my pills last longer on me which means I just crossed dosages.  So I ended up passing out on my bed and then waking up a half hour later with a throbbing headache and walking around my house like a Zombie.  Oh well, I do these things because if I don't I fear i'm going to kill someone or worse, myself.

Judged in the Name of God - - - -  Ye Art Guilty

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