Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Its that time again... Debate!

Today I had a debate tournament today. I woke up at 6:30 having gotten only 3 1/2 hours of sleep (late night shizznanigans). We arrive at Suncoast and I notice something... this school is bloody old! Its from the bleedin` 60s! So anyway, off to mock congress, where its 2 and a 1/2 hours of heat and boredom. Then was lunch, ran into those girls from DSOA (well frankly they're the ones that said hi), and acted like an idiot with my friends (reason: see above about congress). I was wearing a Russian Flag Pin on my shirt (instead of an American one) and people thought it was cool, or weird, but regardless they reffered to me as comrade. Back to congress, more boredom and heat. Then back to the cafeteria for awards, met a girl I thought was cute, actually one from wellington (Seriously, debate (as in all the schools) is the place to meet hot girls.) for a change. We rather hit it off, even if I acting like a schmuck thanks to congress, turns out later once I got home she had a BF, oh thanks for not telling me...assholes.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Calling it Racial Equality is an Overstatement

Ah yes Monday... hated by many, loved by few. In period two (Team Sports I) we played a game of basketball 3v3 (Sopczak was on my team, the only one you'd recognize) and two people on their team were black. Awhile back as some of you may know I started occasionally acting "ghetto" in basketball. First off I asked them if saying "Nigga, please" would offend them. They said no, and I would shout that whenever someone tried to shoot. Soon it led to more words, like "tastycakes" and from someone else "twinkie." We also discussed how a white person can punch a white person and its no big deal, but if a white person punches a black person its deemed as a "hate crime" (racial equality...ha) and the said white man is sent to jail, and if a black person punches a white person its said that the white guy deserved it. I made the mistake of saying "Nigga please" to the one black kid in period four (PC Support I) (Hes nicknamed "Minority") and he basically joked around about being pissed and basically pretended to beat me up. Wait why am I bringing this all up? Um, I don't know. Period six (Spanish II) sucked ass, as usual, boredom, while listening to Mrs. Laughlin (who has more facial hair than I do) whine and bitch and force us to do work occasionally. Then kind of passed out on the bus, woke up went home, and then joined some buds in MCFS3 online, all in all not bad.

PS. Am I allowed to represent the government of a country that no longer exists?

PPS. Leave a fucking comment for once people!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Debate... Straight from Hell to your screen

Ok, TTSSM just told me we were 13th out of 13 PF teams. I said it was his fault, he then said it was mine. Fucking bullshit, its his fault, I screwed up ONCE, he screwed up at least THREE times. Thats why hes called TTSSM.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American food, Minis, and Jamaican princesses, oh my!

Today was spent mostly at home, lying around somewhere between tiredness and hunger. Me and my father (the mother is in Tampa right now (no, not divorced.)) went out to eat, we made the stupid decision of going to J.J. Muggs. Got Calamari as an appetizer... not bad... but then I bought a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich... Bad idea. After awhile this horrible culinary creation of America forced me to clench my stomach (Just like yesterday somewhat.) while my arteries slowly crusted over. We then went to the Supermarket, but on the way I talked about me getting a car, looks like I might be getting a Mini in summer of 2006... Huzzah! Not much happened in the supermarket... shuffling etc. But on our way out, next to our car, we found a car with a forward license plate that said "Jamaican Princess". Ok now I this has been ticking me off for awhile. First a Disclaimer... No I'm not racist. I can understand you can be proud of being from a country, I know I am, theres nothing quite like the good ol` Netherlands. But when you're proud to be from a horrible country thats just stupid, for example, lets start with Venezuela... there are people proud to be from Venezuela, but think about it, why are you proud to be from a country where 80% of the people live in poverty? No I'm not talking "American Poverty" (I.E. you had to get a flat facing the city, because you didn't have enough money for the one on the other side of the building facing the ocean.), I'm talking about "I have to live in a cardboard box outside of McDonald's" poverty. and as for Jamaica, you're glad to be from a country where when you disembark from your boat you're greeted by police men with machine guns? I mean we're not talking about little tiny handguns, we're talking about a "you're going to get your body riddled with bullets and your head blown off" kind of gun. Also, the Cold front is gone, it went from 90 on Friday to 70 on Saturday and back to 90 today. It was neat at the tournament, because the cold gave me this feeling of holiday-ishness... In other news. Ajax Amsterdam lost to Heerenveen 1-3... ::tear::.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just love the way trance music takes over your body and puts your mind at ease and lets you settle...

Yet Another

Today, at 6:35 AM CET (4:35 AM GMT), Prince Rainier III of The Principality of Monaco passed away. Over the course of his half-century reign, he turned Monaco into the prosperous land of Formula 1 Racing, Casinos, and Jet-setting it is today. Rainier's son, Prince Albert II, is set to take the throne.
I can't describe how much I hate you, how much I want to destroy you and whipe your existence away. You hear the pitter patter of the rain outside? It's beckoning for you to join it for one last time. It's a new day a-risin` and this one is cold and dark, enjoy the light one last time, for you're about to join the dark.

Debate... yeargh...

Agh, today was the debate tourney at WHS, of course I made the mistake of picking ol` Jake as a partner, who will know be referred to as "The Three-Sentence Speech Man" (TTSSM for short). So anyway, me and TTSSM had public forum in debate, I wrote the speech for Affirmative, him for Negative. We have this thing called Wellington Warm-Ups everyone on the WHS debate team has to do to "supposedly boost self-esteem, self-respect, and awakeness." (I can probably tie a 1984 reference into that.) Of course it has the adverse effect and I leave it without a shred of dignity...huzzah. Then we go to round one... got affirmative, tie... Round two... affirmative, lost to some girls from DSOA, one was incredibly hot though, and one of my friends who goes there wanted to tell her I thought she was hot (me and a junior?), at least it seemed like she might have been interested in me somewhat. Lunch... I make the wonderful mistake of buyng Mountain Dew: Pitch Black... NEVER BUY THIS DRINK. Basically first I became incredibly awake... second, I lost the need to blink, and finally my stomach felt like it got poisened and I walked to Round 3 clenching my stomach, TTSSM came up with the idea of bypassing it by vomiting... but I thought people in the courtyard would find it odd seeing someone punching themselves in the stomach and then vomiting purple into the bushes. Round three, got affirmative, got our asses handed to us, round four, got negative (finally), but on my final speech, which it was my first time at giving a "Final Focus", it went "blah blah... uhs and ums for fourty seconds 'Times up!'." Then I got invited to play hackey-sack with these hot girls from DSOA (dammit are they all like that?). TTSSM came over and I explained to them his lack of people skills, they introduced themselves to him, it went: "Hi I'm Angela!" "Hi" *me whispering* "Say your name!" Well all in all it wasn't that bad... Man I write too much