Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Update

Just another random update, in a shitty mood again, but hey, whats new?

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Imagine theres no heaven, no hell below us, above us only sky, imagine all the people... living for today ah-aha-ah-ah imagine theres no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, no religion too, imagine all the people, living life in peace, you-hoo-ooo-ooo, you may say I'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one, I'd hope some day you'll join us, and one day the world will be one...

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world... you-hoo-ooo-ooo...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is it Wrong?

Is it wrong that I seek to get the hell out of this place? Is it wrong that I seek a person who thinks my actions are atrocious and tells me that I'm a horrible, horrible person? Is it wrong that I constantly flip flop feelings? Is it wrong that at one moment I'm happy and at the next I feel I should start knocking on Heaven's door? Is it wrong that I haven't actually slept without sleeping pills since a time I can't remember? Is it wrong that I feel a feeling to get rid of everyone I know and disappear into another place?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sorry about this, but pray for healthcare to go to hell for me, please?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaking to you from Barcelona

Well, thats right, i´m in Barcelona, and that time up there is +6 hours from yours, not too bad, i´m just writing a small update. Finally got to use my Dutch Passport, so thats right, I´m technically living in Spain, Huzzah! It was great going through the EU line, my father asking if we could drag my mom through it too (heh, Americans). Its a lot colder here than in florida, but Madrid, even though its a bit south, is colder, due to us having La Mediterrane√≤. Frankly if it was up to me, I´d like to rent a flat up in London, but hey, I have to head back to the states on Monday. I´ll write a better update of the whole trip when I get back, see you guys.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Europe Ahoy!

Well not much happened this weekend/week, the usual of course. This is just a reminder, that from tuesday at 14:00 (2:00 PM) to Monday at some point, I will be on a brief trip to the European Union, business as usual, I'm off to Barcelona (Spain again? sigh). But at least I'll get off of school, have time to think and, holy shit, sleep. Of course, when I get home on monday be sure to talk to me, because I'll be drunken from Jet lag, but if I bitch you out, don't think anything of it. Europe Ahoy!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spending the Day with My Love

In complete contrast to yesterday, today was completely wonderful, or at least after school. Classes were either fast or slow, not that it matters. Got report cards, two A's, four B's, and one C (damn Geometry Hon.). After school, despite fighting with my parents, I went to Jessica's. It was great as usual, being that we spent about ninety-seven percent of the three and a half hours I was there lying in her bed, together. We did make out, (yes I know you're reading this, you know who.) which was great. We then went for a walk in the cool November's Eve, before my father picked me up. It was nice spending my night with my love.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meh... Depressed...

Meh, just feeling depressed. Hoping healthcare will shoot straight to hell so my mother will take us back home. C'mon Bush Fuck it up... please?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Those guys who said Heaven existed were right, just I've found it on Earth

Well, this weekend has been great, Saturday I went with Jessica and her weird friends to the mall, we hung out and walked around, and I watched them be crazy American Skaters, sigh. Saturday night was much better, I went to Jessica's house a tad early, and had to wait around for her to get home, but hey it was worth it, We went for a walk, after listening to her mother scream about how one of the heat lamps got knocked over by a cat, and burnt a hole in the carpet. We eventually got to a field near the Wellington Country Club East(?) and we kind of snuggled and looked at the stars and talked. After an hour we went to her house and lied in her bed and watched TV and snuggled, for about an hour and a half, then I had to go. Today she came to my house and we Snuggled, watched TV, and looked at photos (pretty much all at the same time) for about three hours and a half (actually the snuggling lasted that long). Then my parents came home, which made it really akward, but after dinner, we snuggled some more in my room and she had to leave. A good end to a good week I'll say.