Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Those guys who said Heaven existed were right, just I've found it on Earth

Well, this weekend has been great, Saturday I went with Jessica and her weird friends to the mall, we hung out and walked around, and I watched them be crazy American Skaters, sigh. Saturday night was much better, I went to Jessica's house a tad early, and had to wait around for her to get home, but hey it was worth it, We went for a walk, after listening to her mother scream about how one of the heat lamps got knocked over by a cat, and burnt a hole in the carpet. We eventually got to a field near the Wellington Country Club East(?) and we kind of snuggled and looked at the stars and talked. After an hour we went to her house and lied in her bed and watched TV and snuggled, for about an hour and a half, then I had to go. Today she came to my house and we Snuggled, watched TV, and looked at photos (pretty much all at the same time) for about three hours and a half (actually the snuggling lasted that long). Then my parents came home, which made it really akward, but after dinner, we snuggled some more in my room and she had to leave. A good end to a good week I'll say.

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