Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaking to you from Barcelona

Well, thats right, i´m in Barcelona, and that time up there is +6 hours from yours, not too bad, i´m just writing a small update. Finally got to use my Dutch Passport, so thats right, I´m technically living in Spain, Huzzah! It was great going through the EU line, my father asking if we could drag my mom through it too (heh, Americans). Its a lot colder here than in florida, but Madrid, even though its a bit south, is colder, due to us having La Mediterraneò. Frankly if it was up to me, I´d like to rent a flat up in London, but hey, I have to head back to the states on Monday. I´ll write a better update of the whole trip when I get back, see you guys.

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