Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American food, Minis, and Jamaican princesses, oh my!

Today was spent mostly at home, lying around somewhere between tiredness and hunger. Me and my father (the mother is in Tampa right now (no, not divorced.)) went out to eat, we made the stupid decision of going to J.J. Muggs. Got Calamari as an appetizer... not bad... but then I bought a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich... Bad idea. After awhile this horrible culinary creation of America forced me to clench my stomach (Just like yesterday somewhat.) while my arteries slowly crusted over. We then went to the Supermarket, but on the way I talked about me getting a car, looks like I might be getting a Mini in summer of 2006... Huzzah! Not much happened in the supermarket... shuffling etc. But on our way out, next to our car, we found a car with a forward license plate that said "Jamaican Princess". Ok now I this has been ticking me off for awhile. First a Disclaimer... No I'm not racist. I can understand you can be proud of being from a country, I know I am, theres nothing quite like the good ol` Netherlands. But when you're proud to be from a horrible country thats just stupid, for example, lets start with Venezuela... there are people proud to be from Venezuela, but think about it, why are you proud to be from a country where 80% of the people live in poverty? No I'm not talking "American Poverty" (I.E. you had to get a flat facing the city, because you didn't have enough money for the one on the other side of the building facing the ocean.), I'm talking about "I have to live in a cardboard box outside of McDonald's" poverty. and as for Jamaica, you're glad to be from a country where when you disembark from your boat you're greeted by police men with machine guns? I mean we're not talking about little tiny handguns, we're talking about a "you're going to get your body riddled with bullets and your head blown off" kind of gun. Also, the Cold front is gone, it went from 90 on Friday to 70 on Saturday and back to 90 today. It was neat at the tournament, because the cold gave me this feeling of holiday-ishness... In other news. Ajax Amsterdam lost to Heerenveen 1-3... ::tear::.

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