Sunday, February 17, 2008

Debate... yeargh...

Agh, today was the debate tourney at WHS, of course I made the mistake of picking ol` Jake as a partner, who will know be referred to as "The Three-Sentence Speech Man" (TTSSM for short). So anyway, me and TTSSM had public forum in debate, I wrote the speech for Affirmative, him for Negative. We have this thing called Wellington Warm-Ups everyone on the WHS debate team has to do to "supposedly boost self-esteem, self-respect, and awakeness." (I can probably tie a 1984 reference into that.) Of course it has the adverse effect and I leave it without a shred of dignity...huzzah. Then we go to round one... got affirmative, tie... Round two... affirmative, lost to some girls from DSOA, one was incredibly hot though, and one of my friends who goes there wanted to tell her I thought she was hot (me and a junior?), at least it seemed like she might have been interested in me somewhat. Lunch... I make the wonderful mistake of buyng Mountain Dew: Pitch Black... NEVER BUY THIS DRINK. Basically first I became incredibly awake... second, I lost the need to blink, and finally my stomach felt like it got poisened and I walked to Round 3 clenching my stomach, TTSSM came up with the idea of bypassing it by vomiting... but I thought people in the courtyard would find it odd seeing someone punching themselves in the stomach and then vomiting purple into the bushes. Round three, got affirmative, got our asses handed to us, round four, got negative (finally), but on my final speech, which it was my first time at giving a "Final Focus", it went "blah blah... uhs and ums for fourty seconds 'Times up!'." Then I got invited to play hackey-sack with these hot girls from DSOA (dammit are they all like that?). TTSSM came over and I explained to them his lack of people skills, they introduced themselves to him, it went: "Hi I'm Angela!" "Hi" *me whispering* "Say your name!" Well all in all it wasn't that bad... Man I write too much

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