Sunday, February 24, 2008

Calling it Racial Equality is an Overstatement

Ah yes Monday... hated by many, loved by few. In period two (Team Sports I) we played a game of basketball 3v3 (Sopczak was on my team, the only one you'd recognize) and two people on their team were black. Awhile back as some of you may know I started occasionally acting "ghetto" in basketball. First off I asked them if saying "Nigga, please" would offend them. They said no, and I would shout that whenever someone tried to shoot. Soon it led to more words, like "tastycakes" and from someone else "twinkie." We also discussed how a white person can punch a white person and its no big deal, but if a white person punches a black person its deemed as a "hate crime" (racial equality...ha) and the said white man is sent to jail, and if a black person punches a white person its said that the white guy deserved it. I made the mistake of saying "Nigga please" to the one black kid in period four (PC Support I) (Hes nicknamed "Minority") and he basically joked around about being pissed and basically pretended to beat me up. Wait why am I bringing this all up? Um, I don't know. Period six (Spanish II) sucked ass, as usual, boredom, while listening to Mrs. Laughlin (who has more facial hair than I do) whine and bitch and force us to do work occasionally. Then kind of passed out on the bus, woke up went home, and then joined some buds in MCFS3 online, all in all not bad.

PS. Am I allowed to represent the government of a country that no longer exists?

PPS. Leave a fucking comment for once people!

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