Friday, June 27, 2008

"-And For The Moon Be Still As Bright"

What is the defining course in life? What choices are there to make?

We must look at the current choices:

To Do Something you really wanted to do for the past four months, even though the road may be hard, you are willing to get past it to attain what you seek, but you aren't sure that in the end it will be really worth it, because afterwards there will be more obstacles,

To Do Something as hard as, if not harder, than the preceding, but in which what happens is entirely unknown to you, and in which doing, will sacrfice seeing your friends for an undetermined amount of time.

or To Not Do Anything, in which would keep things as they are now, but unhappiness is confirmed.

What is the choice to make in life at such crossroads? What questions are we to ask of ourselves and of others? What to do when the world has forsaken you as the day does of night?

Answers to life's questions are never easy.

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