Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rome is Love

Lets see, what's happened since the last time I updated... Went to the Vatican yesterday, it was ok, then off to the Musei Vaticani which was grand. Afterwards I was walking around outside the exit and these Spanish girls kept taking looks at me and giggling when I got close. I walked up to them and after about ten minutes of trying to speak the others language and laughing at eachother stupidity, the main one I was talking to goes "I really like your eyes, thats what I wanted to see." (something like that.) Basically, flirting when you barely know the others language (well over two years of spanish and I still can barely speak it outside of class.) will at least 75% of the time be crazed body movements and horrid attempts at speaking the others language. God I love this city, and a special girl who I keep looking for because I'm hoping to see her one more time. I just love walking around at night, for the times I was at the bookstore walking across the Tiber into Trastevere. Right now I'm at an Irish pub, where I was last night as well, and its great. Spending the rest of my nights at the Campo di Fiori or at the Piazza Navona. It's going to really suck going back home, because compared to this place its an utter shithole, my friends are there, but at least here girls are actually interested in me. Well I'll be on around now tommorrow, see you. I love Europe : )

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