Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today (17th of March in the Age of the Lord MMIV) I will be leaving for Rome, Italy, via Milan. We shall be staying in a Flat near the Piazza Navona until the afternoon of the 25th (leave a comment if you want to make plans for the 25th, 26th, or 27th.). If you want to reach me in Rome, if I find an internet cafe, I will most likely be on in the evening (i.e. six or later) which will be from noon EST to maybe four or five due to Rome being on Central European Time. Now, there is a slight chance I will spend the money in my wallet ($100, 25 Euros, 10 NZD) to buy a train ticket (yes I have enough) to either London via Paris, or I will end up in the Principality of Licteinstein or the Principality of San Marino due to whatever Diplomatic Immunities I'll get there (if someone tries to drag me back to the states.) I'll see you guys later today before I leave towards better horizons.

Just for your information, I will no longer be the same person, enjoy.

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