Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue are the People Here who Walk Around

Well I'm back kiddos! Been on a bit of a break, heh. I got a Cell Phone, which is pretty kickass, I got a remote for my iPod, and my mother got a Jaguar. Spring Break this year is going to be awesome. We're either A) Going to London to see my aunt (from NZ) who's at an internet (?) convention/conference, and then heading to either Copenhagen (by plane or train) or to Rome (by plane or train) or B) We're staying here and I'm going to UMF7 with some friends and maybe... *cries* that Maroon 5 concert... why? because considering who we get around here, we should cheer to get Maroon 5... oh and maybe that U2 concert (whenever it is.) Blue (da Ba Dee) reminds me of my past... its interesting... 1999 Biznotches! Catch you guys later.

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