Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Plans.... Next week I'm royally fucked, after that I'm off to Curacao from the twenty-fourth to the (i'm guessing) twenty-ninth/thirtieth.  I'm glad to be going though, I get a break, and I get a chance to see the relatives.  I'm going to probably have internet access so that'll be a plus and a minus (I won't have internet withdrawal, but I'll be stuck talking to the lot of you.).  I'll probably be spending a lot of my time blowing shit up with firecrackers and what not (Crazy Dutch Christmas's/New Year's).  But whats more fun than putting M180's into half-liter bottles and throwing them off one of my relative's houses on a cliff into Willemstad Harbour? Its a Dutch Commonwealth, so I'm a citizen (well, being that it is technically The Netherlands.). Then I come back to the states and go on a cruise on Holland-America.  After that... well oh boy... school.  Been in a shitty mood, but I always have my friends to cheer me up: DirtyPoorKid: hey justin
ShiningDomon325: hey
DirtyPoorKid: your testicles are belong to us
ShiningDomon325: grand
DirtyPoorKid: felicitious, no?
ShiningDomon325: haha
DirtyPoorKid: i wish to be known as... Jake the dot communist!
ShiningDomon325: ...

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