Friday, April 4, 2008

Spending the Night with Jessica

Well school was no biggie, just rather tired from getting sick, again, from Jessica, even though it was my cold to begin with. Went to Jessica's after school. Nothing really big, just cuddled for about six hours, but then had to hide in her closet, because today/yesterday and wednesday we've been playing the "her mother/family should not know I'm here" game. So I got stuck in a closet for fifteen minutes while some of her family was in the room, and then after what seemed like forever, they finally left, and she came back (after I called her cell phone to get her attention.). I did have to end up climbing out through the window, but it wasn't that bad, I don't mind putting up with a little bit of crap in order to see her for awhile (well, tonight it was a long time.). It was a lovely night.

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