Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Viaggia Insieme A Me

Today was pretty decent, hung out at Jake/Nick's with them and Mark until Mark and Nick left. Sat around, played video games, surfed the net, ate Pizza. Listened to Jake's parents scream at him about his D in Biology. It was good enough for a saturday I guess. Whatever, I'd consider life good, but there is the definite act of a feminine presence, and there might be a slight doubt about UMF7... Oh well, good enough.

German  Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger
You're a German Tiger Tank (Panzer VI)

You were the backside punter of battlefields. When
Michel Wittman and his crew drove you around like the
blood-thirsty aryans they were, you blew up 273
american/soviet armor units on your own. All
that thanks to a big ass cannon and a
Berlin-Wall thick armor. You did have some
serious drawbacks like costs of production and
complex maintenance but we can't really expect
something else from Germans. Conclusion: You
probably rule.

Which WWII Tank are you ?
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