Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wooo, Curacao

I'm in Curacao right now, its about +1 from EST due to daylight savings. Its been pretty good, boring and hot for the past few days, I got here on the twenty-fourth. Got $100 USD and 50 Guilders for Christmas. Mostly been going out then vegging out. Went to Dennys on Christmas and went around Otrabanda, and then went to a party christmas night, that was awesome, it was at the place overlooking the harbour. Went to the Yacht Club near our weekend house yesterday, and today we drove around, went to Punda... twice (first time earlier couldn't find a parking spot, so we went back later.). Firecrackers went on sale today! Awesome! There are firecrackers/fireworks going off on the entire island, you can hear them, its like a warzone, and as we near New Years it will just get worse... wooo! Tonight we were setting off a lot, a whole carpet too. So yeah, my ears hurt, its been awesome, but I am looking forward to coming back on the thirty-first. So yeah, I'll see you guys soon.

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