Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Move Your Body Body, Move Your Mind, Everybody body

Not Much happened today, LTM day, got up late, went to school. Had fun, I pissed brad off by squeezing his broken thumb, if it makes him feel better I'll let him punch my [Supposedly] Broken Rib. Today I also started an effort to form a Russian Mafia/Yakuza Wellington. Right now, other than myself, we have three members, including an overseas agent based in Honolulu. I also found out we're going to Rome for Spring Break (EU again Biznotches!) and that I'll get back on the 25th which means I can go to Ultra Music Festival 7! All I need to see is if Jacob Tibbs, Matt, and Maybe Jacob Haft are in. Heh, I'm turning into a Raver/Techno Junkie, its Neat.

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