Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Partying, and The Communist Republic of Palm Beach

Well today was spent sitting around at home for the first couple of hours, and then heading over to Jake/Nick's where Tim and Mark also were. We spent awhile playing Xbox and partying like crazy idiots. Tim and Mark eventually left so it was Nick, Jake, and I. We have several inside jokes that came from the movie "Coneheads", and me, of course having a condom on me, show it to nick and mention the "Chewing gum" joke (in the movie the guy conehead thought condoms were chewing gum) I did it to him later, and he thought it was a pack of gum and said "You're not having that whole thing, share it with me" So me and Jake start cracking up and I tell Nick "Sure lets share it, let me tell you." While Nick laughs at his own mistake. We also sat around, Watching Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and during the commericals, 1984 (Me and Jake did the B.B. Ingsoc thing a couple of times.). I then went home because I didn't feel like spending the night, even though I think I should have.

Mark mentioned about the time he thought of me when he saw a picture with the Hammer and Sickle on a pack of Ecstasy. We laughed, and then him or Nick (not quite sure) mentioned how in their history class how they talked about how Communism would work on the Island of Palm Beach (yes! another republic to join our cause!). So how about it? Anyone interested in helping me have Palm Beach break off from the Union and become a bastion of Communism? Please?

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